KickEX Dev Diaries: New Functionality — Issue I

We are launching a new format of KickEX crypto exchange development diaries, and here is our very first release!

We know how much you are waiting for the KickEX official launch. There was a lot of work done to perfect the functionalities for our Kick Ecosystem users. Now right before the final step, we have decided to share with you the freshest updates about the process of development, new features, and technical details. So fasten your seatbelts, and welcome new “KickEX Dev. Diaries” — Issue I.

Crediting of referral KickTokens on Ecosystem account and referral income

At the moment, we are completing the function of crediting referral tokens and the integration of KickRef and KickEX. At the start of KickEX, users will receive bonuses earned in the referral program to a special Ecosystem account. KickTokens in the ecosystem account allow you to cover up to 50% of the trading commission and receive additional discounts.

Ecosystem Account

KEX Token and crediting the tokens for active trading

A mechanism for crediting KEX tokens for all the trading on the platform has been developed. Currently, we are testing the functionality. The KEX Ethereum contract will be published on the network soon.

That is it but the next episode is coming soon. Stay tuned and don’t miss it!

Always yours,
Kick Ecosystem Team

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