KickEX exchange is on Coinmarketcap!

Go and check the update on KickEX on CMC webpage

Dear users, KickEX has been listed in the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges on Coinmarketcap. Listing on CMC is a systematic step in the development of the exchange and the formation of the entire Kick Ecosystem.

We hope that soon all information on the trading volumes of the cryptocurrency pairs presented on KickEX will be displayed on CMC. The purpose of the exchange listing is to increase transparency and accessibility for users, publicity, and, of course, visibility among traders around the world!

The listing of KickEX in the rating of exchanges on CMC once again proves that a new strong player has appeared in the cryptocurrency arena. And this is just the beginning!

You can already check the prices and the pairs listed on the exchange, and very soon there will be added trading volumes and information about the markets.

We are grateful to the Coinmarketcap team for their prompt work and faith in us and are very glad that we are working with professionals in the crypto industry.

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Sincerely yours,

Kick Ecosystem team

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