KickEX grows its Sandbox project and launches another startup listing: Pitbull

KickEX continues to support Fintech startups by launching a new BSC-based token listing called Pitbull on its Sandbox project. The listing not only helps startups, but also aims to bring new trading tools to the website. There are now 56 tokens on the exchange as a result.

“Our continued effort to support technology startups can be seen in the number of them that we’ve been listing on the exchange. Quite recently, we added the first addition to the sandbox: Africa NFT Art Ltd, a young project from Nigeria. Now, we’re cooperating with Pitbull. In my opinion, Pitbull is quite promising, but highly risky — like all projects,” says Anti Danilevsky, СЕО and founder of the exchange.

The Pitbull project was created in March 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain network. Today, it is considered one of the oldest and the most reputable tokens out there, fully managed by the community of more than half a million holders. Pitbull has built an entire ecosystem around the token, ranging from useful tools like PitSafe, a magazine revolving around crypto, PitMag, a community of singers and artists, PitMusic. What makes Pitbull unique is the integrity of its contract and liquidity, making it as secure and BTC-like as possible. Pitbull has an auto-burning mechanism that makes the supply of this token constantly decrease.

When asked about the project’s expectations, Anti Danilevsky adds, “I really hope KickEX’s Sandbox will give newcomers a real boost in the fintech industry, because we provide what peers need so much: listing and recognition. All the while, our platform sees the release of conceptually new and interesting trading tools.”

As a reminder, KickEX has some of the lowest trading fees, including withdrawal fees, in addition to its expanding list of tokens. Along with that, this fall, KickEX actually plans to launch margin trading.

Disclaimer: PIT charges an additional 4% fee on transactions, with 2% redistributed (or reflected) to token holders and other 2% used to be burned according to tokenomics of the PIT project. Therefore, you will receive an amount 4% less than the indicated one.



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