KickEX is launching a new project called Sandbox to support startups, and is currently organizing the first listing for it

The KickEX exchange is launching its “Sandbox”, aimed at supporting emerging fintech projects and adding new tokens to the platform. The first project to appear on the exchange under Sandbox has already increased the list of traded coins. This project is Africa NFT Art (ANA), promoting African culture on the global NFT art market.

“We’ve been taking on the role of supporting young teams for a long time. We were once a startup ourselves, so we know from our own experience how difficult it is for a market-new token project to get listed on a good exchange. In the spring, we announced free listings for three tokens, and now we continue to support various startups from different fields. This is why we’ve launched Sandbox on KickEX, a project that will give a boost to newcomers in the fintech industry and is especially loyal to young teams that need to be listed,” says Anti Danilevsky, CEO and founder of the exchange.

Additionally, according to Anti Danilevsky, KickEX aims to fill its platform with conceptually new instruments, which, although highly interesting and promising, can also be highly risky. Africa NFT Art (ANA) is the first of such projects, and similar ones will start appearing on the exchange very soon.

Africa NFT Art Ltd is a young art project from Nigeria that aims to showcase the many artistic talents from Africa and the diaspora. The project brings artists and investors together on its platform, providing the investors with a customer base and the artists with access to art objects. The Africa NFT Art (ANA) token is supported by the project’s art asset portfolio.

“Yes, the project is in its very early stages, and the token is thus far completely undeveloped. It’s at the minimum price stage, approximately where both Shiba and Kishu used to be,” says the exchange’s CEO, introducing the project. “I don’t know what’ll come out of it, but it’s an experiment for me, personally. Everyone should look at this listing that way, and with a ‘What if?’ mindset, just like all Sandbox tokens .”

Let us remind you that, in addition to its expanding token list, KickEX has some of the lowest trading fees, including withdrawal fees. KickEX also plans to launch margin trading this fall.

As a result, there are currently 55 tokens on the platform.



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