Moscow, September 12. KICK ECOSYSTEM, one of the largest crypto platforms is finalising the launch of its own ecosystem by obtaining important licenses for KICKEX exchange.

KICK celebrates the successful incorporation of KICKEX first broker in Estonia, as the 2 official licenses ship to fulfill the legal requirements. KICKEX exchange solution will see the light with some of the lowest trading fees and one of the most profitable referral programs.

This is a huge leap for KICKEX exchange as it now officially received a Digital Asset License and a Virtual Currency Wallet Licence.

For those of you who are not aware of them, the Digital Asset Licence means users can now legally exchange cryptocurrency to fiat and back, as well as exchange one cryptocurrency to another. The Virtual Currency Wallet licence enables users to legally store their cryptocurrency on KICKEX exchange and KICKWALLET and transact with it.

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Soon we will be seeing the crowdfunding license that will allow KICKICO platform to conduct STO campaigns. The team is currently working on completing all the required forms for hosting fundraising campaigns to the maximum standards.

Stay tuned, the history-making is on the way…

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