KickEX lists Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and launches new trading contest!

KickEX is growing: now, there are even more trading pairs and coins available for all traders and investors!

On August 18, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be listed on KickEX. The popular altcoin is in the Top 10 blockchains in terms of market capitalization.

This is the very first listing on KickEX since its launch. For the exchange, it represents a significant stage of strategic development, as KickEX will become one step closer to becoming the world’s leading exchange and offer more profit-making opportunities for traders around the world.

KickEX is trying to add more trading pairs in an effort to expand opportunities for active traders and give investors a chance to diversify their crypto portfolio.

The listing of new blockchains takes time and requires development resources for integration, so new tokens will be added gradually. However, the more blockchains are on the exchange, the easier it is to list the tokens created on them. At the same time, the listing of tokens based on the ERC-20 network takes only a few days. Soon, when the process is already smooth, we are planning on listings new coins on KickEX every 2–3 weeks, approximately.

Contests have already become not just a marketing activity but an integral part of the DNA of the KickEX exchange.

To celebrate the listing of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), we are launching a new contest for trading volumes and another contest for the best BCH trading forecast. The total prize pool is equivalent to $3000.

Contest conditions:

To celebrate the listing of Bitcoin Cash on the KickEX exchange, we are giving away a prize pool of $ 3000 to our most active traders and the best analysts!

Contest period: 18 August 2020, 11:00–1 September 2020, 11:00 (UTC +3)

Nomination A.

BCH / BTC and BCH / USDT Trading Volume Contest

How to participate?

The 20 traders who have reached the highest trading volumes in the BCH/BTC and BCH/USDT pairs, in total, will be the winners.

Prize Fund: 6 BCH and 680 KEX

1 place — 3 BCH

2 place — 2 BCH

3 place — 1 BCH

4–20 places — 40 KEX

Nomination B.

Contest for the most accurate trading forecast BCH/BTC for September 7.

How to participate?

  1. Create a detailed trading forecast for BCH/BTC for 07.09.20 00:00 (UTC+3) in the KickEX interface.


2. Publish your idea on any social network with hashtag #KickeX-BCH

3. Send a screenshot to telegram bot @kickcontestbot along with the link and the email you registered with your KickEX account.

4. Trade BCH/BTC and BCH/USDT on KickEX. See the requirements below.

5. Receive a prize on your KickEX account if your idea was the most accurate.

Prize fund: 1.5 BCH and 50 KEX

1 place — 1 BCH

2 place — 0.5 BCH

3 place — 50 KEX

Additional information:

In nomination A

  • Only trades made on KickEX exchange during the contest period are considered.
  • (Important!) Trades that traders will make with themselves will not be taken into account during the contest.

In nomination B

  • The minimum requirement is 3 BCH of trading volume per participant.
  • Ideas can only be published in English, Russian or Spanish.
  • Only one idea from one participant is considered.
  • Edited ideas are not considered. If you made a mistake, delete and make a new post.
  • If there are more than one exact idea, the one that was submitted earlier wins.
  • Ideas should be published before the end of the contest, till the 1st of September, 11:00 (UTC+3).
  • KickEX exchange reserves the right to make a final interpretation of this promotion.

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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