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Dear traders, we know that most of you want low fees when trading. That’s why we’re improving our trading fees on KickEX exchange once more and making them the most favorable among cryptocurrency exchanges for regular traders. Tomorrow, February 3, at 3 am UTC reduced trading fees will be available to everyone on KickEX, even novice traders! When compared to competitors, KickEX has more trading tiers, and switching to them doesn’t require a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars.

How do I get a 25% discount?

First time registering? Start with a $100 Welcome bonus! Novice traders have access to tasks that can earn them RP (Reward Points), which can also pay off 25% of the fee. This results in a significant fee reduction — free of charge.

Trading already? Pay part of the fee with your $KICK tokens, and you too can get a permanent 25% discount!

Fee levels when paying in $KICK tokens or RP (with a 25% discount)

The trading volume calculations of the previous 30 days serve as a basis for moving to the next trading level. In other words, if you made a trade of $1,000 in the previous days, or twenty trades of $50, you’ll move to the next level and your trading fee will be lower.

Innovation: Now, in order to move to a new trading level or stay at the current one, you must have the corresponding amount in $KICK. Recalculations are performed at the start of each trading day at 3 AM UTC.

Why we did this: We want to encourage not only traders, but also $KICK token holders, by increasing demand for it. This is also what Binance did to increase demand for their BNB token. As a result, many more people will hold $KICK tokens. The marketing and advertising that we’ve started testing already will lead to an increase in not just trader numbers on the exchange, but also the number of $KICK holders. Advertising will thus be twice as effective for all of us.

Fee levels WITHOUT paying a portion of them in $KICK or RP tokens

In all other cases (such as if there are no trading volumes or you don’t hold enough $KICK tokens for the minimum tier 1 requirement), trading fees depend on different market parameters, trading pairs and currencies, and can range from 0.5% to 2%. This does not apply to $KICK token holders. For novice traders who don’t pay attention to fees, this doesn’t matter. In the future, we’ll continue our experiments with novice trader fees, and we’ll change the requirements for holding $KICK tokens at different tiers until we find the optimal balance in terms of profitability and loyalty.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

KickEX, as always, doesn’t have deposit fees. Withdrawal fees are dynamic, depend on network load, and are updated every two minutes. You can view withdrawal fees on the withdrawal page by logging in and selecting the desired currency.

KickRef: just share a link and earn

KickRef is a multi-level referral program that has no mandatory fees and requires no payment to be a part of. The users you refer can earn you money while they trade on KickEX. Moreover, if your referrals invite their own referrals, you’ll also receive a passive income for them. This continues four levels down.

Wishing you successful trades, a healthy growing referral structure, and, of course, excellent referral income!

Sincerely yours, the KICK Ecosystem and its founder, Anti Danilevski.

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Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

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