KickEX: New trading conditions and balanced fees

The licensed KickEX exchange is announcing a change in its fees. Now, when compared to the other top exchanges, KickEX fees will fall slightly lower than the market average.

“Our promotion for reduced fees is coming to an end,” explains Anti Danilevski, the exchange’s CEO and founder. “We understood that ultra-low fees weren’t something the market was interested in, so we normalized our trading fees and brought them to a figure slightly below market average.”

The current fees are as follows:

Despite this, both trading and withdrawal fees on KickEX remain some of the lowest on the market, according to Anti Danilevski.

“We’re going to continue monitoring and balancing the fees on KickEX. We also always strive to meet the needs of our market makers, offering special programs for them on the exchange. If you’re a market maker and you need lower fees, email us at for personalized solutions,” adds Anti.

These updated trading conditions become effective starting May 24, 2022, 03:00 UTC.



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