KickEX presents its own unique solution for market making

We are taking a big step in the development of market-making on the exchange by moving away from third-party contractors to an independent system

Dear KickEX users, we are very pleased to announce that we are releasing our own unique solution for market making on the exchange, starting from today! Now, we will not use the services of third-party contractors and will be able to expand the opportunities for liquidity on the exchange.

It is possible that, while setting up the market-making mechanism, there will be a slight reduction in trading activity on the exchange, since the development team will need to debug and check everything thoroughly. Orders may take a little longer to close than usual — do not worry, this is normal and will not affect the users of the exchange. After the launch of the mechanism, trading on the exchange will become much more convenient!

We sincerely ask you to be patient and wait out this time as the exchange setup process is necessary for our independence from third-party market-making services. We do not want a repetition of situations when the order books were suddenly empty and trading was stopped due to poor quality work of contractors, as it happened before. We understand better than anyone that this causes great inconvenience to traders.

The successful completion of the transition to an independent internal market-making system will finally give us the full opportunity to offer the massive listings that users have been waiting for, and we will be able to fill the KickEX exchange with interesting assets for trading. This unique solution will automatically provide market-making tokens that will soon be listed on the exchange. Towards the end of 2020, the next release market-making update is planned, where the issue of liquidity and orders that are in the market but do not work for a long time will be resolved. Our own market-making, unlike the primitive decision of contractors, will not trade with itself but rather with the orders of users who are in the market.

If, while trading on the exchange, you notice an oddity or an inaccuracy in the market making or find an error, please report it to so we can fix everything as quickly as possible.

Thank you — happy trading and have a nice December. (It’s going to be a hot one.)

Sincerely yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team