KickEX exchange removes $20 limit during KICK v8 token denomination

Dear KickEX users! Following your numerous requests, we have revised the requirement to have at least $20 in KICK tokens on KickEX exchange to receive the new KICK v8 tokens. In other words, users with any balance of KICK tokens on the exchange will be able to get updated KICK v8s.

What will happen during the KICK swap?

We remind you that the KICK token swap for KICK v8 will take place on July 1, 2021, and will completely replace the smart contract with a new one, which will allow you to launch a program of staking and the process of burning part of the tokens during each KICK token transaction on the Ethereum network and on decentralized exchanges. At the same time, the token will be denominated, that is, two zeros will be “removed” from the value of the coin. This applies to absolutely all addresses: tokens owned by the company, exchange tokens, and user tokens. Absolutely all addresses, without exception, will be denominated, as a result of which the ratio of ownership shares will remain the same. Thus, if the price of KICK token is $0.003, then after the denomination, the value of the token will have to be $0.3. As a result, this should not affect the value of the holders’ assets in dollar terms: if you previously had 10,000 tokens for $10, now you will have 100 tokens for $10.

Please note that you must withdraw your liquidity from Uniswap exchange before the swap begins, otherwise you may lose your tokens.

What will be with frozen KICK tokens?

KICK tokens that were sent to active wallets in 2020, and which were frozen there as a result of the frozendrop, will not be transferred to the new KICK v8 contract. Thus, they will cease to exist immediately after switching to a new smart contract, and the total number of tokens (total supply) will be reduced by another 86.5%. Thus, the process of burning and destroying the excess KICK tokens, which began in the first phase on June 15, 2021, will be completed, and the promise to get rid of 93% of all KICK tokens will be fulfilled.

What will be with the commissions and referral program?

We are currently working on updating the terms of the referral program and the mechanism for calculating commissions. We’ll let you know more about the new terms and conditions soon, so stay tuned. At the time of the swap, all referral tokens on KickEX ecosystem account will also be denominated, and subsequently replaced with other referral tokens, so that there is no confusion between KICK v8 and referral KICK.

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