KickEX stays on guard of users’ safety

The security team has successfully prevented a hack attempt to break into the users’ accounts

On the night of September 27–28, we noticed a huge number of suspicious login attempts with non-existent credentials. Several logins were made into the system.

We have quickly analyzed the situation and using the service, we discovered that hackers were using credentials leaked earlier from external sources. On the night of September 28–29, several logins with stolen data were recorded.

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We encourage you to change your passwords and follow the recommendations below for your account security.

Recommendations for your account security:

1. Enable two-factor authentication in the “Security” section of your account settings (use this feature on your email account too);

2. Choose different passwords for each service (use one password for the KickEX exchange and other password for your email account);

3. Use only strong and complex passwords (more than 15 characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters);

4. Store passwords in secure places;

5. DO NOT use the password autosave option in the browser.

To ensure maximum security for KickEX users, all withdrawals are now being done with additional security measures. Transactions can take slightly longer than usual. Please, do not worry if the transaction takes more time to process than usual, everything is in order, your funds are on the way.

We will keep you updated and respond to any suspicious activity immediately.

Stay safe with KickEX!

Sincerely yours,

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