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KickEX is the pioneering exchange to offer negative trading fees to all users. Previously, only major market makers with turnovers amounting to billions of dollars had access to such benefits. With KickEX, anyone can assume the role of a market maker and profit from each transaction made as a maker.

Market participants are categorized as either makers or takers. Makers contribute by placing new orders that are added to the order book, whereas takers fulfill these orders by purchasing from the existing ones in the order book.

Fee tiers

The fee structure is organized into 10 tiers, enabling users to enhance their earnings as makers and reduce their expenses as takers, the higher the tier they achieve. Currently, the fees for SPOT and Futures trading are identical. However, starting from May-June 2024, the fees for Futures trading will be adjusted to be lower than those for SPOT trading.

* The “Resulting Final Fee Including 25% KICK Discount” is calculated under the assumption that your trading activity is evenly split, with 50% as a maker and 50% as a taker. This allows you to offset some of your taker-related expenses with the profits earned from maker transactions.

You have the option to trade exclusively as a maker, thereby offering liquidity to other traders. By doing so, you can earn from each transaction without incurring any trading fees. In this approach, each of your transactions is rewarded, and since you do not engage in taking orders, your taker fee is effectively zero.

Tiers upgrade

Advancement to the next trading tier is determined by the trading volumes accumulated over the previous 30 days. Maintaining your current trading level or progressing to a new one also requires holding an appropriate amount of KICK tokens. Recalculations to assess eligibility for level changes are conducted daily, at the start of the trading day, at 03:00 UTC.

To advance to the next trading level and improve your commission terms, two conditions must be met: you need to achieve the trading volume specified in the table over the last 30 days and have the required amount of KICK tokens in your account balance. The trading level is determined by the least fulfilled condition.

For example, if you have sufficient trading volume but do not have KICK tokens, you will remain at the lowest trading level.

Using KICK tokens for a 25% discount on trading fees

To unlock further discounts, part of your trading fees can be paid with KICK tokens, securing a permanent 25% reduction.

For beginners, completing specific tasks earns you Reward Points (RP), which can also be used to cover 25% of your trading fees, effectively lowering your costs without any additional expense.

For instance, if you’re engaged in trading the USDT/ETH pair and your Spot trading tier is 1, your taker fee stands at 0.25%. By opting to use KICK tokens — simply by selecting the “Use KICK token to decrease fee” option — your fee is reduced to 0.1875% (calculated as 0.25% * 0.75), with 25% of this adjusted fee payable in KICK tokens.

It’s important to note that this 25% discount is applicable across all trading pairs, excluding those involving the sale of KICK tokens.

The discounts on fees provided by the KICK token apply only to positive exchange fees. If the fee is negative (meaning you earn an income from it), the discount is not applied, and your income from such fees is not reduced.

Deposit fees

The fees associated with depositing funds into your KickEX account vary based on the method used. Deposits made using cryptocurrencies are free of charge. However, when purchasing cryptocurrency through fiat payment processors, the acquirers impose fees to cover their expenses and generate revenue. Typically, KickEX does not add any additional percentage to these fees.

Withdrawal fees

The fees for withdrawing funds from your account are dynamic and fluctuate based on the network’s current load. These fees are reviewed and updated every two minutes. Withdrawal fees primarily consist of the blockchain transaction fee, with a minimal addition from the exchange. For instance, the more expensive the gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain and the more congested the blockchain, the higher the fee will be.

The withdrawal fee also depends on the amount withdrawn: the larger the amount, the lower the fee. You can see the specific fee values directly before withdrawing funds.

To view the most current withdrawal fees, simply log in to your account, navigate to the withdrawal page, and select the currency you wish to withdraw.

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