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Dear friends, hi! I didn’t write for a long time, but today is a special day. We kicked off KICKICO one year ago. At that time when no one knew about us, and those who knew were sceptical we launched a private round. When our friends got to know the company, they sold cars (S-Klasse, it’s not a joke) and supported our initiative financially. It was a wonderful time!

We gained experience, knowledge and contacts during this year. Media wrote and continued writing about us. We took part in dozens of conferences and organised them ourselves. The most significant was Cryptopace Moscow. The team managed to create festive mood there! We tested a lot of hypotheses, made and fixed many bags, which were inevitable when you were the first, when you were a pioneer. It happens, when you create trends and don’t follow someone else paths.

It’s a beginning for us, and very soon we release something bigger. We will surprise you very soon.

I sincerely gratitude our team, which performed magic. I’m very grateful to our community and those who supported us at the very beginning and those who joined us later. I wish all of us the next year full of new breakthroughs and achievements!

Anti A.Danilevski

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