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Market Maker Technology — is one of the first professional market makers in the industry. This infrastructure project aims to support the liquidity of the main cryptocurrencies.

The team has an ambitious goal and hopes to protect the cryptocurrency market from excessive volatility, fraudulent influence and the impact of information stuffing.

MMT tokensale proceeds are collected in a crypto portfolio and used to maintain the liquidity of top cryptocurrencies. This means that the purchase of MMT tokens is not an investment in the project, but a fight against excessive volatility of the whole crypto market.

You can make your contribution to the development of the cryptocurrency market and buy MMT tokens for the price of 0.01 ETH each.

MMT token is used to replenish project assets and allows you to receive additional tokens produced by increasing the project portfolio. All MMT tokens are backed by Ethereum and you can exchange them back in the amount of 100 MMT = 1ETH. The Smart Contract will be launched every six months, allowing you to exchange the MMT tokens for cryptocurrency from the project’s portfolio.

Market Maker Technology preICO is live and as always there is a 10% bonus KICK for pledges made via KICKICO platform.

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