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As you may already know, FLOGmall is an international e-commerce website for cryptocurrency holders which was successfully launched at KICKICO. The team invented a unique product, managed to pass the pre-ICO stage and got 19939,33 ETH during the ICO (by June 18). You have seven more days to support the project.

FLOGmall is a new format for online stores and producers that connects sellers and buyers. The platform allows to promote goods in different ways, you can even sell products using live stream video. The founders say that FLOGmall is based on exchange — you don’t buy goods there but exchange altcoins for products. You may buy the first car or even an apartment in exchange to any cryptocurrency. At the moment you can trade KICK, VIU, COLX, SLR, XVG, CLOAK. FLOGmall plans to add 200 new altcoins until the end of the year.

One of the most convenient solutions on FLOGmall is the built-in automated Mallcoin token exchange service. It shows an internal token rate and algorithms for selling cryptocurrency between customers and sellers of the platform.

FLOGmall is an excellent opportunity for startupers to find the audience and make the first sales.

For everyone interested in supporting the project, KICKICO gladly reminds of the traditional bonuses provided at our platform: every pledge in ETH receives a 5% on top, and every contribution in KICK is entitled to a 10% bonus!

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