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We are happy to announce that Tydo has reached pre-sale soft cap — company raised 137.42 ETH in total. At the moment, the new upcoming goal is ICO to be launched at KICKICO.

Shortly about TYDO:

  • It provides an efficient interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • More than 50 major currencies are available for trading now while the competitors can offer only 12. The platform helps to maximise profits and minimise risks with a simple and intuitively accessible interface.
  • It is a marketplace for sharing trading strategies and ideas between users with TYD token.
  • TYD token is a standard Ethereum-based ERC20 token that can be used by multiple wallets.
  • Team and founders TYD tokens will be locked for at least 12 months after Token Sale ends.

ICO Info:

ICO started on 23th of July and will end on 20th of August with TYDO expecting 1000 ETH as a soft cap and 10000 ETH as an aim for a hard cap.


You have an opportunity to support TYDO during ICO and get 15% TYD bonus during the first week, 10% during the second week, 5% during the third week. And as usual, 5% for your pledge in ETH and 10% bonus for your commitment to KICK!

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