Welcome our new referral program KickRef

KickEX referral program is now much more profitable and is still as easy as ABC: register on the exchange, get a link, share it with your friends and earn!

On April 27, 2021, we made important changes in our KickRef referral program.

KickRef is an open-source multi-level referral program that anyone can participate in for free, even those who do not use the Kick Ecosystem services, but have a large audience of readers, viewers, subscribers and etc. You just need to register at ref.kickex.com and start using a personal link to invite your friends to the KickEX exchange.

Users who come to KickEX also become members of the program, these are friends of your friends, acquaintances who have used your invitation link at any time, and acquaintances of their acquaintances, and so on up to 10 levels down.

All those of them who start trading on KickEX will bring you that cherished passive income, due to a part of the trading commission paid by them. The greater the volume of their transactions, the more your passive income will be. From each level you will receive a commission, which in aggregate from all 10 levels is 50%. That is, KickEX exchange gives up to 50% of its income to those who actively attract traders!

In order to motivate you even more, we have improved and greatly facilitated the following points of the referral system:

• Amounts from $ 10 become available for withdrawal, against $ 20 earlier.

• The need for personal trades to withdraw funds from the referral account is cancelled.

• Funds not withdrawn from the referral account no longer expire at the end of the month, but remain in your account until you withdraw them!

• You can withdraw funds any day!

As a result, KickRef now becomes available not only to those who know how to trade on the crypto exchange, as it was before, but to absolutely everyone: webmasters, bloggers, traders, owners of groups and channels in social networks, streamers with experience in MLM, and just socially active people.

In addition, the new referral program becomes even more profitable and attractive: trading commissions on KickEX exchange have been increased from tier-8, while remaining the lowest compared to competitors’ commissions.

Start your journey to wealth with KickRef! Register and invite friends, discuss new KickRef features in your social networks and get rewards!

Welcome to our team of ambitious partners: ref.kickex.com

Important! After a month, all unused referral KICK tokens that were issued for free for registration or referring friends will be converted into new KickRef points to save users from confusion between ecosystem KICK tokens and liquid ones.

The decision to change trading commissions remains with the KickEX administration and is not final; in the future, commissions can also be changed both upward and downward.

Stay tuned for updates, exciting news ahead. Successful trades on KickEX exchange!



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