Global KickRef update, $RP and Welcome bonus

Meet KickRef V2!

KickRef: just share your link & earn!

Dear KickRef referral program members, along with those who are sure to join them once they see the improved structure and new rewards! KickRef program is now simpler, and its participants will receive almost twice the income due to the reduction of the number of steps in the structure. Moreover, referral payments to users are still account to 50% of KickEX exchange’s income! In addition, it is much easier to attract new traders to your referral network, as newcomers will also receive bonuses when registering through a referral link. Moreover, by starting with KickEX, new users have the opportunity to get up to $100 welcome bonus!

Information for newbies

Your income is therefore dependent on the people you invite and how active they are. The more there are traders that you’ve referred making trades on KickEX, the higher your referral income will be. On KickRef v2, you receive income from your referrals’ trades in the most listed and traded currencies: BTC, ETH, and USDT, and others, even if your referrals’ trades are executed with tokens. For example, if a user places an order in the TRX/USDT pair, you will receive a portion of the exchange commission charged for the order in the quoted currency — USDT. Accordingly, you will receive 20% of the commission paid by the trader you invited personally in USDT, 15% for the trader they invited (second level), 10% for traders on the third level in your referral structure, and 5% for the trader on the last, fourth level.

Get a smooth start with up to 100$ Welcome bonus

  • Confirm email to get 5 RP;
  • Deposit more than $50 to get 10 RP;
  • Trade more than $100 and get 10 RP;
  • Trade more than $500 and get 25 RP;
  • Trade more than $1000 and get 50 RP;
  • Soon: Deposit more than $1000 and get 100 RP.

The following is a detailed description of KickRef v2, how the new referral system will work, and what will improve after the update.

What changed in KickRef v2

  1. KICK referral tokens that were purchased or given out for winning contests rather than received for free for registering users are, in whole or partly, converted to $RP.
  2. Reward Points ($RP) can be obtained not just through friends that become traders, but also bought for KEX that you get as cashback on KickEX exchange. Cashback itself is canceled and no more KEX tokens are available.
  3. Like before, if you pay trading fees in $RP, you will receive a significant reduction in the form of a 25% discount. KICK tokens can also be used if you don’t have $RP and “Pay fees in KICK” is ticked, with the exact same 25% discount.
  4. The referral system now has far fewer levels: only 4 instead of 10. This is not only easier to comprehend and control, but also more profitable for you: after a year of monitoring the referral system, we discovered that only a select number of the most active referrers have users trading at level 5 or higher, and the income from these users is so insignificant that there isn’t much sense in this. For this reason, it’s much more attractive to have fewer levels, but with higher payout percentages. Thus, payouts are based on level and are as follows:
  • First level: 20%;
  • Second level: 15%;
  • Third level: 10%;
  • Fourth level: 5%.

6. The fees for withdrawing referral funds is being removed, and can now be done completely free of charge.

7. Receiving bonuses is now easier and more understandable. We have removed the complicated snake bonus system. Now you get $RP for deposits that your referrals make.

8. Soon, after updating KickRef to version 2, you will receive a staking portion from your first level referrals (those you invited personally). Every day, you will get 5% of the amount they receive as a staking bonus. Currently, the KICK, KISHU, and SAFEMOON tokens are supported. We will announce when bonuses for staking will be available within the referral system.

For traders: how does one get $RP?

You can always view all information on the number of your referrals, their earnings, as well as the amount of $RP you received from them on your referral dashboard.

Using KICK token instead of $RP


For your convenience, if the option is unchecked and you have $RP in your account, $RP will still automatically be used.

Also note: when selling KICK tokens on KickEX exchange, discounts and bonuses for $RP and KICK are not valid.


By eliminating the bonus tokens that were mass-handed out to everyone and had become an endless discount, and introducing $RP instead, the KICK token will become truly exchangeable and demand for it will increase. All KICK tokens received as fee payments will be burned, which will not only result in their swift depreciation and deflation, but will further increase the demand for them, something that is in the best interest of every KICK holder. We also expect that the 5% staking bonus received from referrals will motivate people to develop their referral structure more actively and confidently, helping KickEX become stronger, more popular, and higher in global rankings.

We wish you fruitful trading, a growing referral structure and, of course, excellent referral income!

Sincerely yours, the Kick Ecosystem team, and its founder, Anti Danilevski.

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