KickRef introduces huge rewards and new milestones!

Kick Ecosystem Team is now giving away five times the amount of KickTokens when you register to the KickEX exchange’s KickRef referral program and more than 8 million KickTokens when you reach the top tier!

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What it means for you and your friends

For every person who signs up through your personal link and receives a 10,000 KickToken Early Welcome Bonus reward, they now receive 50,000 KickTokens. Also, applies to anyone who has registered to KickRef in the past, now or in the future will see x5 rewards on their balance.

Furthermore, the top tier reward is now 8,3 million KickTokens. We have also added new milestones for those that have already achieved the top tier target of 1000 referrals. The top tier is now 3000 referrals!

Note: Only referrals that sign up through your personal referral link are eligible for 50,000 KickTokens rewards. Direct users (so without a referral link) will receive 5,000 KickTokens.

Festive periods and promo rewards at KickRef

Remember Black Friday? Good. Kick Ecosystem doubled rewards and now all of that will be recalculated and you will earn x5 on your direct referrals. So if you have referred one friend and he earned 20,000 KickTokens at that time, now his or her rewards will quintuple to 100,000 KickTokens!

Why are we doing this?

We’re not just playing Santa here. We believe business should be fair and transparent, and that we should do everything to encourage our members’ success. Most of the crypto market has fallen in 2019 and our KickToken was not an exception. We’re not worried. We’re playing the long game and we have total confidence in the value of our technology, business plan, and team.

Referral rewards are only used within Kick Ecosystem, for example, to partially pay for trading fees on KickEX exchange, so It’s not possible to withdraw and sell the tokens, so this will not lead to a price dump.

We encourage our users to stay active and to invite more traders onboard. The more you invite, the more rewards you’ll reap in the future. The success of Kick Ecosystem depends on each and every active participant — go spread the news of this special gift this Christmas!

Stay tuned and become a part of a great story in the fintech revolution!

Always yours,
Kick Ecosystem team

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