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Instructions: How to use the ecosystem features and receive a passive income after KickEX launch

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Being part of affiliate marketing is a trend in the digital world. Thus, referral programs have become a great way to create regular passive income and financial independence.

Referral programs are now the smartest way to create a regular passive income and lay the foundations for that old crypto phrase, ‘financial freedom’. At Kick Ecosystem, we have created our version — KickRef to build a community of real traders for our upcoming KickEX exchange and give them the rewards they deserve.

Referral KickTokens generate your passive income

At the first stage of KickRef referral program, each user who invited other users also received referral tokens.

Important (!)

  • These tokens can be used to reduce trading fees on the KickEX exchange.

What to do and where to go, read below.

How to create passive income with KickRef: 1, 2, 3

1. Be Active

To be eligible for referral payments, traders need to be active. This is an important part of the model which ensures that KickEX is powered by a real community of active traders, and maximizes the earning potential of affiliates at the top of each network.

2. Plan your rewards

Every time someone you’ve referred makes a trade, the exchange takes a small fee and you’ll receive part of it. You receive a share of the trading fees from any 1st level traders, and the ones they’ve invited, and the ones they’ve invited, and so on, all the way down to the 10th level of referrals! You can receive up to 50% in total of the trading fees of your referrals.

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The scheme of referral revels in KickRef program

As the graphic above shows, you’ll receive passive income from your direct referrals and the 9-level network of users below them, which is why KickRef is called a multi-level marketing program. You’ll receive the biggest share of trading fees from the traders you invited directly, and a smaller share from the ones further down.

3. Understand rewards currency and withdrawals

The rewards from your trading and active referrals will be paid in BTC, ETH or USDT. The currency will depend on the one your referral chose for paying trading commissions. You can withdraw the funds at the beginning of each next month (ie. received payments on the 15th of April, then you can withdraw on the 1st of May). Further, you will need to pay a commission of 10% in KickTokens from the Ecosystem account for each withdrawal operation.

4. Get trading to get rewards

In order to unlock any funds, you will need to get trading on KickEX exchange (no matter if you are referrer or a referral of someone else). It is incredibly important to keep active and pay a minimum of $5 in trading commissions per month. ie. To give you a more clear understanding of what you need to do to get to $5 in commissions per month — if you pay a maximum commission for each trade of 0,2%, then you need to have a trading turnover of $2500 per month.

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KickEX crypto exchange trading terminal

5. The rules and eligibility

Everyone involved in trading on KickEX will need to pass KYC. Note, citizens of the following countries are temporarily restricted from the trading activity: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, the United States, and the United States Minor Outlying Islands. These restrictions are temporary and the team is working hard each day on resolving them.

6. KickTokens and Referral KickTokens

The tokens you receive for referring someone else aren’t the same as the KickToken cryptocurrency that is traded publicly on exchanges. And there’s a good reason why.

Our pioneering model wouldn’t work if users could simply withdraw them, as the model would be open to abuse. To build a genuine customer base, incentivize loyalty and prevent fraud, tokens earned through KickRef and the ratings and league systems — let’s call them ‘Referral KickTokens’ — can only be used within the Kick ecosystem. They’ll still be worth the same as standard KickTokens and you can still use them to pay certain commissions and fees.

Give your life a Kick!

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The rewards milestones for referrals invitations in KickRef

KickRef isn’t a get rich quick scheme. We’re in this for the long haul, and we want referrers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts to join us on that journey too. Some schemes promise instant wealth, but together KickRef and KickEX offer the potential for longer-term, sustainable income, and the opportunity to transform your finances.

Learn more about KickRef and join for free today. Get a range of real rewards and free educational resources to help you succeed!

Always yours,
Kick Ecosystem

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