KickRef Launches on Product Hunt

Dear friends!

Today we are here to announce the official launch of our multi-level referral program that we’ve created for our upcoming KickEX exchange. We present you KickRef — an automated solution for building multi-level referral systems encompassing the key MLM marketing practices. The fact that KickRef thrives on its simplicity is proven by its gathering of over 75,000 users during beta testing. That figure is still increasing, so KickRef is in high demand indeed.

Your feedback is vital for us on Product Hunt

KickRef’s entry to the referral solutions market coincided with its listing on Product Hunt. For those who haven’t yet had a chance to check out KickRef in its Beta version, the company encourages everyone to give it a try and leave their feedback on the program on Product Hunt.

Feedback Contest

Become a star of KickRef and win a Ledger Nano X To The Moon Edition by leaving your valuable comments on how to improve KickRef. All you have to do is to give at least 5 points on KickRef’s design or functionality in the Product Hunt comment section by midnight 00:00 24/10 (UTC +3).

  1. Go to KickRef’s Product Hunt page
  2. Submit your feedback in comments
  3. Take a Ledger home

Note: There will be only one winner who will be chosen by KickRef technical and product departments.

How does KickRef work?

KickRef has 10 referral levels and offers two kinds of rewards:

  • Instant rewards
  • Revenue share

Instant rewards are paid directly in KickTokens and may be used only within the Kick Ecosystem for various payments. On the other hand, the share of KickEX revenue that the exchange is willing to share with you will be paid in BTC, ETH, USDT and so on. KickEX shares up to 50% of its revenue with its referrals.

Early Birds Adopters Bonus & More

Early start creates more opportunities to boost your network. For this reason KickEX hands out big early bird rewards and bonuses, among them the Early Adopters Bonus, a 30% double rate for direct Level 1 referrals for the first year. Another one is the so-called Early Welcome Bonus, which amounts to 10,000 KICK tokens paid to anyone who lands on KickEX via a referral link and not only proceeds to trade but also joins KickRef. There’s also the Early Invite Reward, which in addition to the usual fee also promises extra payouts to those who refer new users before KickEX officially opens its doors.

Any questions? Reach out to us on

KICKICO Telegram Chat


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