KickRef referral network earnings balance is now visible in your KickEX account and can be withdrawn

Now in the KickEX account, you can track and withdraw your total earnings from the KickRef program. Earn BTC, ETH, and USDT!

The balance of referral earnings

The KickEX exchange dashboard now displays all rewards earned in KickRef. This means that now you are able to experience the fruitful results from your previously grown referral networks and withdraw your real earnings!

Earned rewards from active referrals of your network that have been trading since the launch of the KickEX exchange (June 1, 2020) can be withdrawn during July.

A required condition for transferring funds from a referral account to the main account is that you pay a minimum trading fee equivalent to $5 per month. When making a withdrawal you will need to pay a 10% fee in KickTokens from the ecosystem account. The tokens must be on the ecosystem account, any tokens (referral or regular KickTokens) are suitable.



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