KickRef Testing Mode Activated, You can Be a Part of It

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Dear Friends,

If you have been keeping a hawk-eye on the developments over the past months, KickRef has tremendously upped its game and the first component of Kick Ecosystem is ready for testing.

Our goal is to create products that meet the expectations of our users, therefore Kick has aggregated the best MLM practices and applied them to the latest technologies. Over the months, our team has been passionately working, hitting all the planned milestones. Now we need you to check it out!

We are creating a closed Testing Group, inviting users to take part in testing our products at their earliest stage. We’re asking you for your feedback with the aim of adjusting our products if necessary.

If you wish to become part of the global cryptovolution, contributing your effort to the development of the famous Kick Ecosystem, please send an email to:

Note: Include a subject line of: “Early testing team” and in the body, write down your name, surname and your telegram user ID, if you got one.

Fluent English is necessary as well as the ability to report your findings and let us know any potential errors of our system. You will directly work with Kick Team, its top-class developers and will have a chance to influence the final outcome of the product. Work, learn and network. Definitely, it’ll make a good add-on to your CV. The number of available places is strictly limited.

Be part of the latest tech developments. Be part of Kick Ecosystem.

‘’Behind every great project, there is an even greater community’’

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