KickToken is listed on STEX!

Now you may trade KickToken in two pairs on STEX exchange

Great news, dear Kick Community, KickToken is on STEX now!

KickToken can be used within the Kick Ecosystem network, which offers all vital services a cryptocurrency trader needs in a functional and UX way. With KickToken the users will be able to pay commissions on KickEX exchange when it is launched. Later the users can pay for the listings, get discounts for commissions and buy some extra services inside Kick Ecosystem like a PRO account and more.

You can trade KICK/ETH and KICK/USDT pairs on the exchange

For more information, please, visit STEX exchange and trade Kick. You can contact the STEX via Live Support on the website and ask all the questions about Kick, trading or other issues. Happy trading!

Always yours,

Kick ecosystem Team

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