Dear Community! Here’s everything you need to know about the token swap down under and how to receive up to 150% more KickTokens as a Swap Bonus.

Today we are here to reveal the details of what has been rumoured over the past few weeks. KICK Team is excited to announce that KickToken Swap is right around the corner!

Over the past few months, KICK ECOSYSTEM has been marching promptly according to the published roadmap. Developing the whole ecosystem is not a trivial task, however, we are proud of the progress made. KickToken Swap is required to introduce several adjustments and improvements to the token smart contract to allow more integration and use cases for the token within the whole platform.

So here it is

On the 29th of August 2019, KickCoin will be swapped for KickToken 1:1 Ratio. On top of that everyone will have a chance to take part in the Swap Bonus and get up to 150% bonus KickTokens during the swap.

The swap will happen automatically. In order to receive the new tokens, users have to hold KickCoins on personal wallets when the snapshot is taken. The snapshot of the blockchain will take place on the 29th of August 12:00 UTC+3.

Simple Guide — What do I need to do?

You can check your address and find out how much of a KickToken Bonus you are entitled to on our website.

KickToken Swap highlights:

Snapshot time: the 29th of August 2019 12:00 UTC+3
HODLERs campaign: up to 150% bonus KickTokens according to conditions below
Bonus lockup: bonus KickTokens will be locked until KICKEX Exchange is launched.
Exchanges’ and companies’ addresses will be excluded from the bonus.

You can check your address and find out how much of a KickToken Bonus you are entitled to on our website.


KickToken Swap features the Bonus for those who wish to get additional KickTokens during the swap. Bonus KickTokens will be credited according to the balances based on 11 tiers. The first tiers bonus starts with 5000 KickCoins and qualifies for a 10% bonus KickTokens. And if you wish to get a 150% bonus you have to stack up 20 million KickCoins and more on your wallet. So, in order to get more bonus tokens — move all your KickCoins into 1 personal wallet that you control (meaning you have access to the private keys) and hold them until the KICKEX launch to unlock them. *Detailed instructions on how to unlock the bonus KickTokens will be published prior to the KICKEX exchange launch. The conditions will be easy and as simple as ever.

KickTokens Bonus Tiers

IMPORTANT! Withdraw your KickCoins from all the exchanges before the swap in order to get the Swap Bonus. Exchange addresses are excluded from Swap Bonus and will not receive bonus KickTokens!

Other emissions, if any?

According to KickCoin smart contract, there are two emissions remaining on August 31 and September 30. These bonuses will be credited in KickTokens. The swap bonus emission is the penultimate one, while the finale will be dedicated to KICKEX Exchange launch. Similar to the swap bonus scenario, the final emission will be locked for an extended period of time.

In addition, there will be indexation of holders — all extra emissions that have directly or indirectly affected the ‘initial share amount’ will be compensated. Finally, there will be a promo-airdrop when KICKEX is launched.

During the indexation and promo-airdrop, the frozen tokens will be sent out, which then begin to unfreeze once KICKEX exchange launches. Moreover, we do not exclude the cases with the minor extra emissions that will be used for exchange listings and trading contests for our community. All extra emissions will stop after KICKEX exchange launch and the final promo-airdrop.

Important Note 1:

The bonus tokens will be locked up until KICKEX exchange is launched. And if a user moves his unlocked KickTokens from his wallet before KICKEX launch, bonus KickTokens will be reduced proportionally.

Important Note 2:

The token price is not an exact reflection of the progress done due to the speculative nature of the market, therefore KICK team has no worry that the price might decrease further because:

  1. It is very low already — the only way from the bottom is up
  2. Bonus emission will be frozen until the launch of KICKEX

Important Note 3:

KickToken buyback is also a part of the plan and will happen after KICKEX exchange reaches profitability. The tokens of the preICO participants will be acquired in the first place, followed by the ICO participants. After that, the remaining volume of the tokens will be regularly bought back. The buyback price will be twice the market price.

We will be providing support in our Official Chats as we facilitate the swap of your ERC-20 KickCoins for the new and improved KickTokens.

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