KickTokens Emission: the Kick Ecosystem’s Official Stance

The team officially presents its standpoint on the issue of KickTokens emission, and once and for all answers the claim.

Dear members of Kick community,

Recently, after Tokenswap and FrozenDrop events, some users, who, perhaps, have not studied the project and documentation properly, started to express their concern that new KickTokens are emitted from time to time. We consider this discontent not only unreasonable but also illegitimate.

In this regard, we want to officially explain our stance on this issue, and once and for all answer the claims that we “print the KICK token and sell it on the exchanges”.

The most important thing to understand — even before the start of the project’s ICO it was written in the White Paper that emission can be carried out as long as the market goal is not achieved: “When KickCoins reach a certain market value, KICKICO will cease their emission and start accepting them for payment for campaigns.” When it is reached, we will inform everyone about it officially but it didn’t happen yet. To make sure that everyone was warned in advance, you can follow the link that leads to the archived version of the White Paper from August 2017, released before the ICO.

As for the claims of those who bought KickTokens on other exchanges, to which we have no relation to we believe that when buying tokens on third-party resources, you take all the associated risks on yourself. We did not encourage anyone to buy KICK anywhere, nor promise that there will be no emissions, nor signed any contract or offer. By purchasing any tokens or securities (which the KickToken is not in any way), you take full responsibility for this decision, as it is yours and only yours, and we have nothing to do with it. We can only recommend that you carefully study the projects which tokens you buy and their documentation before doing so. In addition, we believe that accusations of the exchanges where you’ve bought KICK are also unlawful and unfounded. Exchanges do not bear any responsibility for the tokens sold, they only provide you with the opportunity to buy them, and they also do not encourage you to buy or sell a particular token. It’s completely your choice to buy or not, and whether you do it or not is up to you.

Regarding claims that the KICK team sells KickTokens on exchanges: Yes, it happens occasionally, and there is no secret about it. We warned that we have a listing program on exchanges and that listing is not usually free and there are costs associated with it. We tried to list for free only, but, unfortunately, in the current state of the market, it is impossible to do so unless your project is from the top 10 of the world’s blockchains. Therefore, we believe that this is a reasonable expense and corresponds to the goals and objectives of our business. And, to stop all subsequent questions and speculation, we officially declare: if necessary, we will create and sell as many KICK tokens as needed to reach the company’s goals. We try to minimize these amounts, but, unfortunately, it does not always work. If you do not agree with this or it does not suit you, we recommend that you find yourself some other project to follow.

For all those who are with us, we remind you that the closed beta testing of our KickEX exchange is just around the corner, and very soon we plan to launch its public test. After the launch of the exchange, we will launch a new fundraising platform instead of KickICO, which was successfully created from scratch, and which is superior to its KickICO version 1 and any other competitor platforms. We expect that the KickToken will then become extremely popular, as it will be used throughout the ecosystem for a variety of things and payments. But, nevertheless, we remind you: a KickToken is not a security or an investment tool. It is a utility token that was created to pay for services on the KickICO platform, and which will now be used throughout the ecosystem. Later, we plan to enter into partnerships with companies that will become part of our ecosystem, and in whose services the KickToken will also be used as a payment tool.

We advise you to be patient because the remaining waiting time is short. In the meantime, you can help us all succeed and make the launch of the exchange extremely powerful by participating in our referral program and creating a community that will use our exchange, creating the liquidity that is so important to new-born exchanges in the beginning. With your help, KICK, despite its utilitarian nature, is sure to surprise everyone in the near future.

Sincerely yours,
Kick Ecosystem Team

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