The launch of a secret project. Meet KickWin!

Don’t miss your chance to hit the jackpot

KickWin Lottery

Not long ago Anti Danilevski, the founder and CEO of Kick Ecosystem, told you on Twitter about a little secret project that you might like. Now it’s time to reveal the cards. We’re announcing the launch of KickWin lottery! Now every week you can win the KICK jackpot. Intrigued? Then read our article to find out all the details.

A unique lottery for KICK Community

To join the lottery, you only need to make a bet at The minimum bet amount is 1000 KICK tokens.

The lottery is divided into rounds. One round = one week. That means you can place as many bets as you want every week. Moreover, bets are summed up, so you can increase your chances of winning and getting the coveted KICK jackpot!

How are the winners determined?

  • If there is 1 winner in the round, the winnings will be distributed as follows: 20% is burned, 40% goes to the winner, and the other 40% goes to the next round.
  • If 2 or more participants hit the jackpot in one round, 40% of it is evenly distributed between the winners.
  • If luck is not on the side of any of the players then the jackpot is passed on to the next round.

How to play?

2. Place a bet: enter the necessary amount of KICK tokens (minimum bet is 1000 KICK), click “Place a bet” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. The number of bets is not limited. Bets are summed up: the more KICK you put in, the higher the chance of winning.

3. The round will end at the end of the week. The status of your bets will be indicated on the screen.

- If your bet won, collect your winnings by pressing the button “Collect your winnings” (note that you pay the cost of gas for transferring your winnings yourself).

- If your bet did not win, you can place it again in the next round.

4. The KICK jackpot is distributed as follows:

  • 20% — are burned;
  • 40% — redistributed to the next round;
  • 40% goes to the winner.

Burning increases KICK token ownership among holders, but also reduces the overall issuance, making KICK hyper-deflationary. The more burns, the higher the staking!

Attention! KickWin supports only KICK ERC-20 tokens as bet currency. The mobile version of the lottery is currently unavailable (it will appear later), please use the desktop version. MetaMask supports Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge browsers.

And, of course, most importantly. We are all together waiting for KICK to conquer the whole world, when the real tothemoon hype begins — and you can make it happen yourself! To make KICK community grow, spread the word about on social networks, share your winnings and tag our official accounts in your posts. ToTheMoon is a team effort! Together we will achieve more and much faster! There is no place for laziness in crypto — support KICK right now, because no one else will do it but you!

We dare not distract you any further, because there is a big win at stake. Just a reminder: go to, make bets and wait for the results. We just wish you good luck and of course, victory. The game has begun!

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