KickWin lottery now on BSC

Recently we announced a long-awaited and landmark event in the ecosystem — KickWin lottery! And now we have another cool news — the lottery is now available on the Binance Smart Chain network. Why is it so important? It’s all about the low transaction fees in the BSC blockchain compared to Ethereum, and as a result, the lottery is accessible and easy for every user!

Terms of the lottery

Kick.Win was initially designed as a lottery accessible to everyone. That’s why the minimum bet amount is also quite low, only 1000 KICK tokens! Be sure to keep in mind that you need to bet with a new KICK token in the Binance Smart Chain network.

The draw is conducted in rounds, with one round lasting a week. During this period, you can place unlimited bets of 1,000 KICK and they will add up to each other. That is, the more bets you make — the more chances for the jackpot! Now, with the available fees in the BSC network — it is not a problem.

Determining the winner is fully automatic, eliminating the human factor. The lucky winner is chosen by a smart contract. The options here are as follows:

  1. If one participant wins the jackpot — he gets 40% of the pot, another 40% is transferred to the next round, and 20% of the tokens are burned.
  2. If there are two or more winners — the share of 40% of the pot is divided equally between them, the rest is unchanged.
  3. If there are no winners in the round — the whole pot goes to the next week, and the jackpot can grow as much as you want!

How to play

  1. On page you need to connect your wallet by clicking “Connect Wallet”. You can use Metamask, Frame, MEW, Autherium.
  2. Then make a bet and click on the button “Place a bet”. To the left of the button, enter the number of KICK tokens (from 1000, the more — the better chance of winning the jackpot). Don’t forget to switch the network to BSC in your wallet before that and make sure that your balance has a KICK in that network. All fees in these transactions are in the BSC network, so it won’t hit your pocket.
  3. Wait for the end of the round, the countdown timer and jackpot pot total is listed on the left.
  4. If the bet won, you need to press the “Collect your winnings” button. If the bet did not win, it is possible to try your luck in the next round.

A detailed “How to Play” instruction can be found here:

Please note that burning KICK tokens during the lottery is a deflationary mechanism for tokenomics, which will be beneficial for the exchange rate in the long run. And the addition of the BSC network will make participation in the lottery more widespread and affordable, given the low fees. So, share opportunities with your friends and acquaintances, together we will make KICK stronger!

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