Trading contest with KISHU

Trade KISHU token paired with USDT on KickEX actively

In honor of the listing of Kishu Inu meme coin, KickEX exchange is announcing an unprecedented popular trading tournament. Only from May 25 to June 8, trade KISHU token in a trading pair with USDT and receive guaranteed prizes. The 10 highest scoring participants will share the $8,300 prize pool.

Don’t wait like Hachiko, act now!

What is Kishu INU?

Kishu Inu token is not just a token of Kishu Swap decentralized exchange, launched in April 2021, but also a meme coin that is very popular among the community today. KISHU token is focused on the community and opens up new opportunities for holders to earn money. KISHU token holders can receive income not only from farming, staking or trading, but also from simply storing coins in the MetaMask wallet. About 2% of each transaction is distributed among Kishu Inu used by users.

How do I get involved?

During the period of the competition, actively trade KISHU tokens paired with USDT using any type of order on KickEX exchange. It is allowed to use bots and API during trading. The minimum amount of participation in the tournament is 100 USDT.

Only those users who have passed KYC can take part in the competition.


The winners of the competition are 10 participants, who achieve the highest scores within the competition. Prizes will be divided among 10 traders according to the information in the table.

Prize fund

The total prize pool is $8,300. Prizes are awarded in Kishu tokens ($3,300) and KICK tokens from the ecosystem account ($5,000):


Where will I find my rewards?

  • All awards will be distributed to the winners’ accounts within a week after the end of the competition;
  • KICK and KISHU rewards will appear on KickEX account.

I don’t have any KISHU tokens, how can I get them?

  • You may exchange KISHU for the crypto you already have USDT;
  • Buy USDT for fiat using a bank card (Visa or Mastercard) right on KickEX and then exchange crypto for KISHU tokens.

May I see the previous contests, the winners and their prizes?

  • Sure, please, visit this page and take a look at the finished contests on KickEX.

Are there any restrictions and special terms?

  • Only trades made on KickEX exchange during the contest period are considered;
  • You cannot make trades with yourself;
  • Only users who have passed KYC are allowed to participate in the contest;
  • The trading data of the competition page is updated every 5 minutes;
  • You are welcome to use your automated trading bot or API in this contest. This article will help you to learn;
  • KickEX exchange reserves the right to make a final interpretation of this promotion — so don’t be a cheater.


May the best person win!

Stay tuned for updates, exciting news ahead.

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