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24 hour trade volume is $86 million. 49 million visitors daily. KuCoin is now the 9th and the largest exchange to have listed KICK so far. Established in the autumn 2017 this exchange from Hong Kong has already become popular for its size and credibility in the world of crypto. KuCoin founders aim to join the world’s top 10 cryptoexchanges, and considering their growth rate achieved so far, they are nothing short of getting there soon.
Listing KICK on KuCoin is the first major step in making KickCoin widespread and acknowledged. KuCoin is a global level exchange and every new crypto listed affects its economy. So, expansion and modernization is always the key to growth; the more exchanges and platforms accept and trade a token, the larger its community and the more solid the rate. KuCoin will give KICKICO and KickCoin the boost we have been expecting and will let the platform develop on a large scale.

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