KYC EXPLAINED: crypto and compliance are the odd couple, but they must get on

Expect fireworks as compliance and cryptocurrencies collide

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Hello, dear Kick Community

Recently founder and CEO of Kick Ecosystem Anti Danilevski has launched his blog in Forbes and got published in ForklogHUB and with a relevant article about KYC: “The future of personal data is the absence of personal data: all the information will be public because it is simply impossible to conceal it”.

We at Kick Ecosystem reduce the risks by not storing personal data in our space. If we get hacked, then no one will receive any passports, photographs or anything else from the users. We store data, passwords, and everything important in an encrypted form, initially understanding that our users can and will become the target of the hackers. Therefore, in our case, KYC is a completely safe and correct solution that protects you, for example, from buying cryptocurrency or other assets obtained from the sale of weapons or drugs, and, therefore, from becoming a participant of a crime, literally criminal money laundering.

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