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Today KYC verification both for authors and backers of these projects is obligatory. We consider liquidity and transparency as the key main values, inspiring the crypto community.

During the recent years, regulators strengthened requirements to fintech and blockchain projects, that’s why KYC/AML verification became more important procedure for the market.

Today we want to announce our partnership with Sum&Substance company, our new KYC provider — one of the global leaders in online verification. We understand verification in ICO field can influence financial results and projects’ reputation, therefore we guarantee quick, precise and correspondent to the regulators’ requirements process, which will create transparency for EVERY market’s participant.

Andrey Severyukhin, CEO Sum&Substance: “We have been watching for KICKICO for a long time. First of all, we consider platform as one of the most interesting projects on crypto market, which started thinking about KYC verification for projects’ authors and backers in the right time. Taking into account continuously increasing regulators’ requirements, the complexity of the topic and the complexity of finding a reliable provider for each very ICO, KYC on the platform is really useful and relevant service, and a very big help for the crypto community. Personally I do not know such platforms offering KYC services to their users in such a big volume. Secondly, it is essential and interesting for us to work with industry leaders, and, surely, we are very impressed by friendly KICKICO team and their creative approach in things.”

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