KICKICO Team would like to present Laccoin project that has launched on our platform!

The main belief of the project is that by using Laccoin ecosystem, easy access to funds can be provided to people within the LAC region.

Laccoin Team’s vision is to create a viable ecosystem for monetary transactions which will be a viable alternative to the existing banking system.

Laccoin Team addresses problems, such as costly remittance systems, reaching the underbanked, inability to invest or spend money within the LAC region and others…

and acknowledges that by implementing the blockchain technology is an excellent way to reach out to and include everyone within the region to participate whether within the traditional economy or the new digital economy of the future.

Chad O. Grant (Managing Director for Laccoin) explains what challenges Laccoin expects to face and how they expect to overcome those.

Not a surprise for all that one of the first challenges is the nature of cryptocurrency and the volatility that persist with it.

Laccoin Team claims to take a unique approach to combat the volatility that will encounter in the Laccoin market.

In the current market, cryptocurrency volatility is a significant concern. No matter how hard, companies try, volatility of the currencies hampers the rate of blockchain adoption. As highlighted by Chad O. Grant:

LACCOIN will buy tokens on the open market for use as rewards for its user base. Reserves will be held in the company. This will be achieved by adjusting the supply of the means of payment, making Laccoin supply elastic

Laccoin Managing Director, also claims that :

Laccoin will have a committee comprised of individuals and institutions whose sole objective is price stability for Laccoin. The committee will be able to buy in high frequencies, in during times of market stress but also during times of normalcy. The Elasticity Reserve will also take into account the unsold coins from the public ICO and shift them towards the elasticity reserve. The elasticity reserve will be able to hold up to 25% of total initial supply for liquidity and elasticity demands. These will be held in a separate wallet. The quarterly announcement will notify the public of shrinking or expanding token quantity. In cases where Laccoin Reserve/Elasticity fund can no longer meet demand or if supply can no longer support the transaction needs of our users, Laccoin sanctioned by the committee can increase the total fixed amount

Challenges are inevitable for start-ups, however Laccoin Team has a positive outlook for the future, and exclusively discloses their development plans to KICKICO.

Laccoin Team claims that the cornerstone of their ecosystem is the Laccoin wallet. They believe that it will be done 30 days after Laccoin Pre ICO has been completed!

The second component is the Debit Cards that will follow the intended timeline, as there is no way to rush the process as fully licensing needs to be obtained to provide a secure debit or pre-debit card as a medium of exchange, outlines Laccoin Team.

Laccoin plans to list their token on exchanges as soon as possible as they claim to have two deals already pending in place for various exchanges.

Support Laccoin development, together with KICKICO, and get our usual 5% bonus for your pledge in ETH or a 10% bonus for your pledge in KICK!

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |