Listing of the Uservice Token (USRV) on KickEX

Trading pair: USRV / USDT

KickEX exchange expands even further the list of tradable tokens and introduces Uservice Token (ticker USRV), raising the number of available tokens to 54.

“We aim to offer KickEX traders not only a broad spectrum of classic instruments but also a large amount of interesting and promising tokens. That’s why we keep updating our list of tokens,” explains Anti Danilevsky, CEO and founder of the exchange. “Moreover, not so long ago we were in the shoes of a startup. We can even say that we are still in the emerging phase of our project. Based on our experience, we know how challenging it is for new projects to be listed on a good exchange. Hence, we are particularly open to young teams in the quest of a listing.”

The reason why we think the USRV token is interesting is mainly that it has practical use. In other words, it can be used for a specific cause. In this case, you can service or repair your car on the Uservice platform and get information about other market participants regarding car services. Also, in the near future, you’ll be able to purchase a new car or buy a used one using the USRV token.

According to Anti Danilevsky, KickEX offers some of the lowest trading and withdrawal fees in addition to the growing list of tokens. Moreover, the KickEX team is working hard to launch margin trading this fall.



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