A new Talent Hub Platform, MDL, is bringing its complex solutions to connect talents with gigs and brands with audiences easier.

This is how the team describes MDL:

“MDL Talent Hub will probably not save the world, but the platform will certainly make it brighter. One of the fundamental features of the project is that it will be the medium for new jobs in the creative industry and give some meaning to the participants’ life. Isn’t it nice when people can find a paying audience for their talents and monetize their time spent on hobbies? MDL will make that easier!”

At first sight, one might assume the niche of the entertainment market mediators is already crowded, but a success story begins when a new solution is introduced: merging the worlds of media, entertainment and IT in one platform is the key.

Basically, the platform provides an ecosystem for monetizing users’ hobbies, performances and talents by attracting audiences and brands, and that is something many are quite familiar with, but here everything one needs is set in one place.

Each talent will have their reputation score, in accordance with which talents will receive discounts in partnership with brands. The brands, in return, will have their audience to promote the goods and services.

The platform will also provide a marketplace for fans to able to purchase their favourite talent’s merchandise, while the content creators of MDL will have rental services, equipment and costumes for their performances available to buy and sell.

The entire list of technological specs to enable the smoothest performance of the platform is full of state-of-the-art architecture and technology, all combined allowing a creation of one service that would fulfill everyone’s dream to earn with what is normally considered a non-profitable hobby; brands will at the same time utilize the services to pick rising stars who will intend to go professional into the entertainment market.

Semantic AI search — Contextual meaning and graphic recognition.

Booking and Time Management — Ecosystem providing synchronized time booking system with an enhanced conditions algorithm.

Skycoin powered MDL token — Transactions are fast and free of charge, Token Hours accumulation is enabled.

Gamification — Engaging and encouraging rewards system to increase platform activity.

Dispute resolution — Community powered judgment arrangement for fair reputation score allocation.

Distributed data storage — Skyledger CXO technology for the fastest bandwidth, token mining enabled.

Blockchain reputation module — Traceable and immutable reputation statistics storage.

Big Data — All the activity of the platform participants is collected and analyzed

With all the functions and features declared, MDL will have everything necessary and beyond to become not only a new niche, but the driver of the market.

The tokensale is already on, and every backer is welcome to support MDL at KICKICO. As it is provided on our platform, every ETH pledge gets a 5% bonus and every contribution in KICK is entitled to a 10% bonus. Do not miss it!

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: kickex.com | kickico.com

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: kickex.com | kickico.com