Remember this day as the day, when it became a trend to run ICO campaigns in the smartest and easiest way available: via KICKICO and KICKICO only.

Today MindSports, a new project @KICKICO, launches their tokensale to offer the world their vision on how intellectual games shall develop in the future and how those interested and involved could benefit from that.

What’s great about the idea: MindSports aims to tokenize the creative and intellectual parts of our minds and make it all a contribution to others via the smart design of the platform: at MindSports everyone can create and propose their own board games or vote for others’ creations.

Besides, it is not the sole target to invent new games, but also to unite the most intelligent players in the world’s most challenging intellectual games, such as Chess, Go, Xiangqi and many more: the player’s concern that would prevent from playing game tournaments online is fraud and manipulation that in the best case scenario cost one his or her time and effort, and in case of a real tournament even reputational and financial losses. In order to mitigate such risks at MindSports, the Ethereum Blockchain is used to store all the data and statistics, making it transparent and immutable to manipulation.

The potential audience is enormous: the chess alone make up to 100,000 people playing online at any given time with their audience reaching 2 million unique viewers daily. Combined with the other intellectual games, the total potential community has up to 1.4 billion people: thus, having, for example, a new creation exposed to such large audiences, would definitely boost the new game along with a lot of benefits for the author. As the campaign says, MindSports every 6 months will deploy a new board game chosen by the voting community.

Altogether the idea and economics of the project are built around the MIND token:

token holders vote for their favorite intellectual games to be deployed on the network and are able to use their token to create games, play and vote on disputes. This mechanism aligns incentives across all token holders and ties the token to the core action of the network’s growth.

In order to support the new project, everyone is required to participate in the Chinese Chess tournament. Just kidding, the tournaments at MindSports will come soon after the tokensale, of course. All one needs to do to back MindSports is to visit their campaign page at KICKICO and select the convenient method. Contribute in ETH to get a 4% KC cashback or in KickCoins to get a 10% discount.

As we said in the beginning, this project sustains a positive trend not only by complying with the high standards of ICO campaigns launched at KICKICO, but also preferring to use our platform as the only source to attract funds for the tokensale. This indicates that our community does matter a lot in the world of ICO and we believe it will soon become the routine normalcy for everyone to use solely our platform to join ICOs and tokensales globally.

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |