New Сhart Feature on KickRef: Stay Connected with your Network

KickRef introduces new features! Check out the chart system and send messages to your 1st level referrals to encourage them to be more active!

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Dear Members of Kick Community,

KickRef has been reaching new heights with over 195,000 registrations by date. While we’re still ironing out the functionality to achieve the smoothest work imaginable of all 10-level referral program, it’s time to make a few announcements.

New updates

What’s more, you can contact them to enhance their motivation or just to chat with them via email. Additionally, there will be a rating system for each of your referrals based on the number of people they have invited.

How does sending messages work?

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Secondly, KickRef will soon surprise its users with an in-built messenger! Participants will be able to send messages to their referrals with ease and security. The next step to email communication will be the nice and cozy chatroom, conveniently located in the corner of your KikRef personal dashboard.

How will these new updates and features help me to develop my referral network?

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For example, you may send the very first message to a new referrer, explaining to them how to kick off the process right after their registration:

Hello, thank you for joining my KickRef network. I know you have a lot of questions, so, I am here to help you. Don’t worry I am here to guide and support you on each step.


Hey there! I have already achieved a few hundreds of referrals and found a perfect way to register them, let me help you! You may use a complete media pack or create your own. Share your link via social networks, media portals, blogs, direct messages or elsewhere. Do not forget to join the Telegram community chat! —


Hey and welcome to the club! Your first task is to invite your first referrers and start building your first level for now. Then, you need to teach them how to start inviting people into their network by promoting a referral link. Basically, it is all about the explanation and education.

There are many other plans for KickRef to make it an outstanding referral program.We’ll disclose them in the near future. We hope you enjoy and have fun with the new Сhart Update in KickRef! In case you still did not have a chance to register, check this out and

Join KickRef program now!

Sincerely yours,
Kick Ecosystem Team

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