New listing on KickEX — VOLT

The KickEX exchange continues to expand the list of traded instruments and launches the listing of a new token — VOLT. So, now there are 57 trading pairs and nine integrated blockchains on the exchange.

“Despite the difficult times for the crypto market and the turbulence in the international economy, KickEX continues to develop, and replenishment among the tokens in the listing is a confirmation. We welcome the appearance of a new project on our platform and hope for a synergistic effect from our interaction,” says Anti Danilevsky, CEO and founder of the exchange.

VOLT is a deflationary token and part of the ecosystem of the same name, a “one-stop-shop” for DeFi products. The project gives its users access to any asset class (altcoins, nodes, NFTs, staking/farming) without having to invest in all these different protocols. VOLT also aims to offer a Decentralized Exchange allowing any projects to get listed in a free and permissionless way and allowing them to become deflationary by burning their supply. On top of that, they also developed an NFT collection giving exclusive access to future collections, to real world events & meetups as well as to exclusive rights and revenues within the VOLT ecosystem.

In addition to the expanding list of tokens, KickEX has one of the lowest trading fees, including withdrawal fees. The exchange continues to work with residents of the Russian Federation and other countries and territories.



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