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Hello! A few months ago, we collected feedback about KickEX exchange, processed your suggestions and rethought the design of our exchange so that working with our terminal was more comfortable. On September 6, we are releasing a new design of our terminal. Now KickEX is more convenient, clearer and appealing.

What’s new:

  1. Order bar. We divided the bar into two blocks: “Buy” and “Sell”. Potential error risks are reduced: now to confuse and accidentally press the wrong button will be extremely difficult, and, therefore, we have made your trading safer!
  2. Slider on the order bar. We have returned the buttons for filling in the order fields and added a slider to them. Now it has become much easier to fill in the buy and sell block: you can indicate the percentage of the order or immediately set its maximum amount using the “MAX” button.

3. The bars “Order Book” and “Trading history” were divided. What does it give to you? First of all, it makes it easier to read the information — no longer have to zoom in or close to the screen. Second, it reduces the amount of time spent processing information, which is important in trading. Ask scalpers!


4. The block of open and completed orders has been updated. We added an extremely important feature — the order ID. Now, while contacting support with a question about an order, it will be enough for you to send its ID. So, the support will be able to quickly find and check all the available information. Also, the order execution is now displayed not only in percentage terms, but also in the amount of cryptocurrency. Well, a nice bonus — we changed the design of the panel and removed the bright tags “Buy” and “ Sell” to reduce the load on the eyes.


We tried very hard to make the new terminal design not only more beautiful than the previous one, but also more convenient. We hope that we managed to do this. And what do you think? Share your impressions about the new design of the exchange in our Telegram chat or write to Twitter, marking us: @kickexcom. Only together we will be able to fly #tothemoon!

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