New tokens on the KickEX exchange

Last week, KickEX introduced 10 new tokens as a part of its listing marathon. New tokens meet a variety of user needs from buying virtual goods to the ability to create decentralized exchanges.

Investments and trading are becoming more interesting to people every day. Today it is important to choose wisely where to invest your funds. KickEX exchange helps to do this safely and profitably.

About the new tokens

KickEX exchange has listed 10 new tokens. Here is a description of each of them.

BAT is a new token that can be used to pay for the advertisement and to gain more attention from the platform users.

ZRX is a protocol that creates the ability to build decentralized exchanges and other applications.

MKR — a functional token that is used to govern by public voting.

SUSHI is a token awarded to the user for adding liquidity to the pool.

REN — a protocol aimed at solving such blockchain issues as compatibility and confidentiality.

ENJ is a token for virtual goods, created by Enjin.

GRT — a token used to allocate network resources.

LRC is a protocol that simplifies the decentralized exchange of ERC20 tokens on Ethereum.

BAL is an Automated Market Making (AMM) blockchain protocol, built on Ethereum.

MANA is a decentralized marketplace deployed on the Ethereum platform that sells LAND blocks in the metaverse.

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