New Year Greetings letter from the CEO of Kick Ecosystem

Anti Danilevski shares the results of this year with the community and talks about the project’s plans for 2021

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ear community members,

It seems that much more time has passed than only a year, especially because we managed to do and launch so much. Here is just a small list of our achievements.

Among our most striking projects are KickID and KickRef, where over a million users have registered.

We also launched the KickEX exchange and practically completed its debugging. From next year, we are ready to start developing not only the technical component but also the marketing side. Additionally, we plan to introduce a large number of new trading pairs and significantly increase turnover.

Among our achievements is the launch of the beta version of the completely new KickICO platform — which we rewrote from scratch and which runs on the new architecture of the Kick ecosystem. We are sure that it will, over time, change the world of fundraising in crypto by making it transparent and honest.

The first version of our trading application, KickEX, has already been moderated in the App Store. The version for Android has also been sent for review. Very soon, anyone will be able to independently assess its convenience and reliability.

In 2020, we launched the first version of the academy, KickAcademy. Right now, it is in its most minimalistic form — but we are sure that it will soon see an explosion of interest.

All of the above components are parts of one ecosystem, which will soon begin to work synergistically with each other. Most of the modules are already connected. Nevertheless, we still have to solve an important issue with access to the KickEX exchange for citizens of the United States, Canada and Iran. We also need to implement margin trading and add the trading terminal to the mobile application. We plan to implement all this in the first half of 2021 — making it possible to not only go to the moon but rather on a real intergalactic journey!

What will happen to KickToken next? Everything will be fine with it — pleasant events and pleasant surprises await you, so stay tuned! Furthermore, don’t forget that 2021 is the year of the Ox. Therefore, having in mind such a wonderful symbol of the next year, all crypto enthusiasts and classic traders are probably already preparing for the bullish growth of all their assets. We are confident that 2021 will be truly bullish for the entire Kick Ecosystem!

Anti Danilevski

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