Dear friends!

Our ICO is finished. And we have a lot of news and updates for you! Also, we’d like to answer all the questions that you might have had in the meantime. Let’s start one by one.

So where are my KickCoins?

We will credit all KickCoin owners with their new shiny tokens in the nearest future. Users who bought our tokens with BTC will get their KickCoins a bit later, right after all payments in ETH have been processed.

What happened? Token unification and token supply finalization!

We conducted multiple campaigns: A closed round, a preICO and an ICO. And between the campaigns, we refined and improved the token. For example, we integrated it with the Bancor protocol. As a result, users are now in possession of different KickCoin versions, so it’s really hard to quickly count the total amount of tokens. At the moment, we are in the process of replacing all token versions, including the ICO campaign version. All tokens will be replaced with the newest version at the 1:1 rate. All previous token versions will become obsolete and will not be traded on exchanges. All freezes will remain in effect.

We will keep a small pool reserved to reward PR services that will be ordered constantly. After having paid all advisors, bounty campaign participants and all those who helped us in conducting our campaign, we will delete all remaining coins.

My name is… what? My name is… who? My name is KICK!

During the campaign, we discovered that the coin name “KC” is already in use by Kernalcoin on the Yobit exchange. We could have initiated a delist, remove that other coin and place ours. But that would have been really mean and unfair to the creators of Kernalcoin. So we rename our coin into something mighty, iconic and memorable: “KICK”.

When are we going to see KICK on exchanges?

As soon as we finish all necessary tasks, publish the new token contract and credit everybody with the respective amounts, we will send the new address to the exchanges we have agreements with, so that they would add KICK to their lists of traded tokens. The first exchange to do so will be either hitBTC or WEX. The listings will be gradual with intervals of 1–2 weeks between placements (unless, of course, some exchanges would make listings on their own, without our knowledge).

What will you do to support KICK?

We’d like to remind all owners of our tokens that selling them right away is very disadvantageous. We developed a special bonus emission plan. In plain English: The longer you hold KICKs in your purse, the larger your bonus. You can refer to the table of bonus awards on our site. Also, we developed additional value protection for our coin. From now on, our tokens will be deleted by a special smart contract. With this method, we will correctly delete tokens that we receive. For example, whenever we receive a service fee payment for launching a campaign on our platform in KICK, we will be able to delete these coins with our smart contract. Why do we do this? To lower the total amount of tokens and raise their value.

Are you able to cope with hacker attacks?

We added an additional protection against the token stack overflow vulnerability. Previously, this vulnerability was abused to put our ICO campaign to a halt for two hours in the hottest phase. But now, such hack attack qs will no longer be successful.

Join us in our communities!

If you have any questions that we didn’t address yet, we welcome you in our groups! Our tech support is active 24/7.

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |