One million token tournament: Eloplay starts its ICO today

A cybersport platform Eloplay joins the growing family of projects based on KICKICO. The main token selling stage will start on October 16 at 12 a.m. (UTC).

The time when computer games were the teenagers-only entertainment has passed, now it is a huge multimillion-dollar industry, which includes not only the release of new digital entertainment, but also the holding of cybersport tournaments. Yes, now you can make good money even by playing games. However, if large, global companies like Valve do not have any problems organizing events where players can compete with each other, smaller organizations may face a number of serious difficulties.

Eloplay — is one of the biggest cybersport platforms with more than 3500 finished tournaments. 90,000 players all over the world know and trust this company. Being one of the acknowledged leaders in gaming industry, Eloplay takes the cybersport to the new level. Decentralization of the gaming industry will allow any player to participate in the tournament or to organize one. Now e-sports will cease to be the privilege of the participants of the eminent teams supported by major sponsors. The ELT token holders will be able to hold the gaming events of a different scale, and the project’s coins will be the winners award. Moreover, considering the audience’s reach of such tournaments, becoming the owner of Eloplay tokens may be interesting for large brands for advertisement purposes.

The project already works on the territory of CIS, but ICO campaign will be able to take Eloplay on the global level. KICKICO team sees huge perspectives in this cybersport platform, since the audience of each game can reach up to ten million players, which in return will grant big profits. And as a backup for the project, KICKICO offers every investor a bonus — 8% of the invested sum in the KICKICO cryptocurrency — KICK tokens. This will be able to raise attention of the cryptocommunity to this project.

The main selling stage of Eloplay tokens will start on October 16 at 12 a.m. (UTC).

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