Just as a developer team should, we do everything to nourish and upgrade our project, working hard on improving and modernizing it. Some smaller advancements or boosts might look less significant, but looking at the big picture we see how all the minor changes together line up into overall progress.

This time it is yet another small-scale but important case of success we are glad to announce: for the first time on our platform a service was paid with KickCoins. A third-party was hired to consult and assist with the White Paper of a project launching its campaign on our platform soon. Hiring a professional and paying with KickCoins once might look serious enough at first sight, but this is a clear sign our economy and ecosystem has a great potential for all sorts of clients and users. This provides that the opportunity for everyone to participate in the life of our ecosystem, bring more value to projects and earn gratitude, bounty and payment in KICK has already come. We truly consider it is a small step for one user but definitely a giant leap for KICKONOMY.

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