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Greetings, KICK friends! How are you holding up? We’re more than positive that we can make your day better, because today we’re announcing a new listing on KickEX! The Ontology (ONT) token is now available on the exchange in the ONT/USDT trading pair.

What is Ontology?

Ontology is a project created by the Chinese company Onchain, the same company that launched the multibillion-dollar platform, NEO. ONT was conceived to create blockchain systems for the needs of any organization of any size. The developers’ main goal was to introduce blockchain into various operating organizations and businesses, which would then interact with each other within a single ecosystem. Based on lessons learned from other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, for example, the founders of Ontology aim to reduce the risks and improve security and benefits of distributed systems for identity management.

Ontology’s Advantages

  1. Good platform reputation. In the cryptocurrency industry, this plays an important role. The company that created Ontology is known not only for its partnership with NEO, but also for being the first to join the large-scale Hyperledger project which aimed to introduce blockchain technology into everyday life, namely in the economy.
  2. Professional dev team. The founders of the token are Hong Li, Honglei Kong, and Ning Hu, the biggest experts in blockchain technology. They’ve joined forces and added some experienced engineers to their team. Their achievements can be found clearly presented on the official platform website.
  3. Big economics investors. The leading and most large-scale foundations of the Asian market are among those who have invested money in the development of cryptocurrency. In a way, this is a guarantee of the reliability and prospects of the project.
  4. Addressing trust in the cryptosphere. Before the project was created, there was no way to work on the distributed registry from the business process side. It wasn’t clear how one could verify the objectivity and reliability of the information. Moreover, there was no guarantee that user personal data and other confidential information would be safe. According to the creators of the system, they managed to develop an innovative “trusted blockchain ecosystem”.

We support Ontology’s commitment to entrepreneurship and the development of crypto-businesses. Not to imply anything, but the best place for you to trade ONT is, of course, on your favorite KickEX exchange.

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