Open letter from Anti Danilevski, CEO and founder of Kick Ecosystem to all project participants

In the letter, you will find answers to many questions regarding the development of the Kick Ecosystem project and the future of the KICK token

Dear friends, we have a common goal — we are all waiting for the KICK token to finally gain strength and show the long-awaited growth that it is capable of. As the creators of the KICK token, its success is as important to us as it is to you. It represents our reputation, our promises, and, of course, our financial success as a company.

In order for this to happen, our team is constantly working on the development of the KickEX exchange while looking for and implementing new opportunities to make the platform the most convenient place to trade and work with cryptocurrencies and tokens. Some of our developers work even on weekends and at night because they adore and are committed to raising our common child.

More trading pairs on the exchange

You often ask — why are there so few new listings and trading pairs?

Did you know that the market price of a single trading pair is between $1,000 and $1,500? One hundred such pairs on KickEX is $100,000 a month. For a young emerging exchange — and, I remind you, that KickEX didn’t start until early June of this year — it’s a very substantial cost.

However, pretty soon, KickEX will have a lot of new tokens and cryptocurrencies. This will become possible when we finally launch our own marketplace functionality and we won’t have to pay the contractors crazy money for each pair.

That’s why we didn’t start mass-listing tokens — because trading couples would be dead without the original market-making that absolutely all exchanges need. It’s only when the pairs have volume and turnover that they start to live and the traders have the opportunity to trade. Already in November, we will start testing our own solution. In December, its release is planned, after which the non-stop listing of new tokens will take place continuously.

More pairs equate to more offers for traders and more users on the exchange. Moreover, when KickEX has a lot of steam, traders will not need to switch to other exchanges during BTC/ETH declines to buy an asset that is growing against them. Therefore, we will try to focus on those tokens that have shown resilience at times of market failure, or even growth.


KickICO 4.0 will be rebooted soon.

The updated platform will offer a completely new fundraising system, AIO, for projects and their teams. It will also make fund-raising transparent to users.

It will be a completely new platform, written from scratch and built on a new foundation — KickID and the Kick Ecosystem architecture. It will initially be launched as an alpha version, but with integration with the KickEX exchange.

I hope that our new method of fundraising can change the whole world of ICOs and IEOs by sending forever relegating these imperfect and mostly dishonest ways of raising money to the past.

Mobile version of KickEX

In December 2020, a mobile version of Kickmobile is planned to be released. It will probably not have a trading terminal yet, but it will have a portfolio and offer the possibility to buy cryptocurrency, store it, convert it, and withdraw it. We are currently working on a trading terminal and plan to upgrade Kickmobile to a trading version in the first quarter of 2021.

The release of the mobile version of KickEX will allow us to reach the next level of development and attract new users from all over the world, as well as give new opportunities to those who came to the project at the beginning.

Kickmobile is the so-called “Super app” where everything is readily available and at hand: wallet, purchasing, conversions, trading, withdrawals, chat, news, fundraising, and much more. In the long run, it will even be possible to pay with a smartphone via NFC and cards — although this is still a long way off.

However, there is something…

All of this is not going to be a free ride for KICK itself, without you.

Almost all of you are trading somewhere, but I see that most of you are still trading on other exchanges, not KickEX. So far, there has been no increase in the price of KICK. The only way we can grow is by making a profit. If you’re not trading with us, not only are you not helping KICK but, on the contrary, you’re helping our competitors. If you traded on KickEX, you would pay much lower trading fees than on other exchanges. Our fees, for example, are the same as if you had a monthly trading volume of $500,000 on Binance — except we offer those low fees right away.

Once again, the price of the KICK token will not increase as long as there are only a few thousand KickEX users out of a million registered users. We have 30,000 people in Telegram chat rooms, but only a few of you are trading on the market.

If you really want KICK to grow, trade it on KickEX. If you don’t, don’t ask when KICK will grow — without each of you, never.

If you start, at least, trying to trade on a KickEX, we will quickly reach the critical point at which the entire ecosystem will grow rapidly and rapidly — and, with it, there will be demand for KICK.

So, here’s a few simple things to help all of us to achieve our common goal and success:

  • If you want to see the KICK price above $1, actively trade on KickEX!
  • Support the KickICO campaigns, that will soon be launched.
  • Help your referral users start trading. Teach and talk about Kick Academy.
  • And then you and I will succeed!

For my part, I am doing everything possible — and, sometimes, even the impossible — to make our ecosystem and our token truly successful. I am asking each of you for your support. Now, at this early stage, this is critical.

I thank everyone who actively participates in the project’s life!

Founder and CEO of Kick Ecosystem
Anti Danilevski