Our ICO will start in 4 hours and will be held on our own platform, designed for conducting campaigns just like this. This is not the first campaign we are running: we have already held three successful pre-ICOs, including one for a third-party project. Before starting this campaign, I want to tell you about some important moments and to prevent many questions that were asked during previous campaigns.

ATTENTION! We have detected suspicious activity on the domain of [SCAM] kick-ico.com and believe that a phishing attack on us is being prepared. Be careful! Our address is WWW.KICKICO.COM, and this one only. We no longer have any domains or other addresses.

Official ETH address for ICO campaign: 0x3AA5FA4FBF18d19548680a5f2BbA061b18Fed26b

Before paying, make sure that you are on this site and did not become a victim of scammers!

Rules and conditions of ICO campaign

We have reduced the goal from 70,000 ETH to 50,000 ETH. The reason is simple: when we were setting the target, the price of ETH was $250. Today, it has increased up to $340 and possibly will go on growing. It means that our goal has grown by almost 30%, and in the middle of the campaign can grow up to 50% or more. We would willingly reduce the cap, which is 200,000 ETH, but now it’s too late to do it. Therefore, we introduce a hidden cap, located between 50 000 and 200 000. Where — we will declare as soon as we approach it and when it has been reached. Anyone who “beats” it, will receive a special bonus from us, up to x2 to his payment.

For this campaign, we now accept both bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). However, if you pay in BTC, you will still need to have an ETH wallet and specify it before payment in the dialog box. KickCoins will be credited to that address.

In addition, we introduce bonuses for early participation. The less funds are collected at the moment of payment, the higher the bonus is. The grid of early bonuses is as follows:

  • +20% bonus when 0 to 10% is collected;
  • +10% bonus when 10 to 20% is collected;
  • +7,5% bonus when 20 to 30% is collected;
  • +5% bonus when 30 to 40% is collected;
  • +2,5% bonus when 40 to 50% is collected.

It is important to take into consideration that the bonus is not accrued when you have sent the payment, but only when it has been processed by the blockchain and has arrived to us. It means that for payments in bitcoins there is a high probability that the payer will be relying on the bonus, but the payment will come after an hour (which is a common thing for a bitcoin) and the bonus will be less, as the faster payments in ethereum will take it out by that time.

Same way as for the previous campaign, in this one bonuses for large payments also work infinitely. The higher your payment is, the more KickCoins you get. Table of bonus titles:

Please mind that bonuses are considered for each payment separately. Two payments of 5 ETHwill receive a smaller bonus than one of 10 ETH.

General rules and regulations of the ICO campaign

  • The start date of the ICO campaign is August 29, at 16:00 Moscow time or 1:00 PM GMT;
  • The end date of the campaign is September 29, unless the hidden cap is reached before this time;
  • The basic purchase rate, without bonuses is 1 ETH = 3000 KC, or 1 KC costs 0.00033 ETH;
  • The official address of the smart contract: 0x3AA5FA4FBF18d19548680a5f2BbA061b18Fed26b
  • The minimum payment is 0.05 ETH, the maximum is not provided;
  • We recommend that you specify at least 300 000 gas when paying in ETH, so that transactions are accurately processed. The surplus will be returned, if not spent;
  • In order to participate, you must register on the platform;
  • If you pay in ETH, we highly recommend to use MyEtherWallet.com;
  • Do not make payment from the wallets of exchanges lest KickCoins leave on them and you are unlikely to get them;
  • Due to the fact that you immediately receive KickCoins when paying, there are no refunds;
  • The token address to add to MyEtherWallet: 0xc0e4F45b828Aa4aA628e897e5DA38d9dC72C2257
  • The accrued KickCoins will be frozen until October 14;
  • We plan to enter the main exchanges in October (8 leading ones, including Chineese).

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Join us, we will be happy to change this world together!

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