Over $800,000 in USDT, ETH and BTC rewards for active KickRef users

The income is formed from the KickEX profits, distributed up to 50%, from the fees of traders to active KickRef members

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2 min readAug 28, 2020

Many KickRef users have already received their first rewards to their corresponding referral accounts. For some, it is only a couple of dollars — but, for others, it is steadily growing to amounts ranging between $15–20. In total, more than 800,000 million dollars in cryptocurrencies were credited to active KickRef users.

In the Kick Ecosystem, you can earn by trading on the KickEX exchange and by inviting new traders to the exchange through the KickRef referral program. Thus, KickRef users earn cryptocurrency passively, in addition to actively trading on KickEX. Now, at an early stage in the development of the exchange, these are small payments. However, when KickEX develops, trading volumes increase, and the transactions become larger, both the referral network and the income of KickRef users will grow.

$800,000 is just the first step for KickRef. With the exchange’s development and the increase in trading volumes, the number of KickRef users’ rewards will grow. More than a million people have already registered in the Kick Ecosystem from all over the world. Now is the time to join and start building, developing and training your referral network!

Who were the awards awarded to?

Active users of the KickRef referral program, who have referrals at any level of the network.

Where the rewards were credited to?

To the referral account where the income from the referral network goes.

An important point!

To withdraw earnings from KickRef on the user’s referral account, there must be at least the equivalent of $20, in total, in cryptocurrencies, and the user must pay $5 of the trading commission in the current calendar month.

Update in withdrawal limits!

Now the limit for burning funds on the referral account is $20, not $5, as it was before. This is the limit reaching which the users can withdraw their earned funds from KickRef.

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