PADOSCOIN is officially launched on KickICO platform

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Hi there, we have some cosmic Breaking news!

Kick Ecosystem is happy to announce that PADOSCOIN startup is officially launched on our KickICO platform. You may support the campaign of the project right now HERE.

A lot of individuals, small and big companies are curious about the crypto boom and interested in mining. Somebody mine from home, some companies only mine crypto. Some do cloud mining but only a few like Padoscoin mine baskets of cryptocurrency and have the abilities and knowledge to do it right and make it profitable for the entire crowdfunded community.

Padoscoin is a limited token utility that can reward supporters by maintaining the stability for the tokens price on exchanges with the assets that continue growing based on the mining results. Padoscoin has a real cryptocurrency asset that will provide significant mining results because they use the best soft with higher mining speeds. Mining requires power and a high technology system, especially in cryptocurrency mining.

We believe that having real mining assets as a source of value, Padoscoin will achieve a large market value in the future.

“Padoscoin — The next evolution of crypto mining”

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