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Dear Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, and the whole world! Year after year, cryptocurrency has been bringing millions of people on planet Earth together into friendly, powerful, and progressive communities. The crypto community has never been a place for geopolitical squabbles and fights. It was created thanks to one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind in order to unite people all over the world and direct them to a better life and universal freedom. It aims to unite those same people who, right at this moment, are dying at the hands of those playing a bloody game of chess.

The Kick Ecosystem Team believes that every crypto project must strive to bring peace all over the world and beyond. We call on the international crypto community for mutual support and open our doors for numerous new users who have decided to transfer their savings into crypto, including for the first time ever: our employees are providing online consultations 24/7 and helping those who have never faced such a need before.

We believe that the road ahead will be long and hard, and conventional fiat money will continue to depreciate. Those who benefit from confiscating it will do so under various political pretexts. We believe that cryptocurrency is the only safe way to keep your money safe and out of the hands of those who seek to profit off this universal tragedy. The money you keep in your bank is not your money. Just look at how ordinary citizens all over the world have had their assets frozen, as well as how many accounts were blocked and how much property was nationalized belonging to Russian and Ukrainian citizens who had nothing to do with the decisions made by their governments. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, belongs to you and you only, and cannot be taken away.

Kick Ecosystem for Peace

Russian and Ukrainian citizens have access to all Kick Ecosystem products without any interruptions or changes, just like other users. The decision to deny innocent people access to their cryptocurrency would contradict what this industry is all about. The idea of dividing people into good and bad, into us and them, goes against everything we believe in. With the current situation in the world, we are finally making sure to do everything in our power to remove restrictions on the remaining countries that are currently not allowed to trade on the KickEX exchange (the US, Canada, Iran, and other sanctioned or heavily regulated countries). We want to make sure all people on Earth can use the KickEX exchange and the rest of the Kick Ecosystem products. We’ve pinpointed two territories that will help us achieve this goal, and KickEX will soon be changing territories to one where people aren’t defined by the actions of their authorities. One where the world is open to everyone.

Furthermore, we are planning to release an official Android version of the app as early as March. You’ll be able to download the app from the official store or, for those who are blocked from the store, you’ll be able to download it from the website directly onto your phone yourself.

Cryptocurrency — a safe future

While banking institutions can’t guarantee stability and fall under sanctions, holders of cryptocurrency in cold wallets don’t have to worry about their money’s safety.

Stablecoins are stable cryptocurrencies, usually backed by fiat currency such as the U.S. dollar. Accordingly, their price is fully identical to that of the asset that they represent. A prime example of a stablecoin is USDT, traditionally regarded as a digital dollar in the crypto market. However, it is controlled by a private company regulated by the U.S., and we don’t necessarily recommend using this particular currency. Only decentralized currencies, even volatile ones that can’t be frozen, are truly safe: BTC, ETH and, of course, our KICK token.

You can purchase and safely store the following stablecoins on the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange: USDT, BUSD, and USDC. There are no bank markups when buying cryptocurrencies, and therefore “a dollar is worth less”. We’re also expecting cryptocurrency to become legalized in Russia and in many other countries. This means that exchanging it for rubles or other currencies will be much easier.

Register an account on KickEX and buy cryptocurrency in only a couple of clicks. For added security, store your crypto in cold wallets after purchase. Bear in mind that cryptocurrency can rise in value or fall. A few years ago, Bitcoin was valued at a mere $100 and today, its price is around $45,000, so keeping it long term is in our opinion the safest and most profitable way to save money in times of crisis. These instructions will teach you how to use the exchange:

We have prepared a small and easy-to-understand three-lesson Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. All newcomers to the industry are encouraged to watch:

Questions and Communication

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KickEX is where people around the world enjoy great financial freedom, not politics and wars. We are equally supportive of both Russians and Ukrainians. Being half-Ukrainian and half-Russian myself, I really hope that peace will come very soon and that our nations will be like brothers again, as they have always been and should have always been, and that this unimaginable horror will finally end. I wish everyone safety. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones!


Anti Danilevski, founder and CEO of Kick Ecosystem

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